Talking To I Allan Sealy

On the ordained day
In Doon Valley
I converse with the artist
In whose mind
Exactly the right word
Appears like the “leaf to a tree”.

What’s the secret
Behind such astounding talent
I secretly wonder.
I ask like a student
Looking up to the professor
For the interpretation of a classic
He has recently gone through.
Well, there is an instant soul-out response.

With his profound depth
And understanding
Both in matters of life and language
He could have been at the top
Of a teaching or a publishing profession
Anywhere in the world.
He has chosen to be a writer, instead.
And he is not willing
To follow any other profession.

The worldwide recognition
He genuinely deserves
Is yet to come his way, though.

He does not complain.
Too much recognition, says he,
Spoils an artist.

First published in Garhwal Post

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