Creative Non-Fiction

An Evening At Kovalam

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From Trivandrum railway station it took us a 30-minute auto-ride to reach Kovalam beach. We had a room reserved in a PWD guest-house with a view of the cobalt blue sea-water and the Light House beach.

A Ride Down Memory Lane

I’m a railway enthusiast. My favourite haunt for train-spotting was a relative’s house by the railway track where, whenever we visited them, I would scamper away to the roof and wait for a train to rumble past. Not surprisingly, all my life I preferred a train journey to any other. I travelled extensively to meet my favourite writers in far-away places, and during the journeys many interesting things happened. Let merecount a few such incidents.

Diwali Lights And The Winged Soul


I have been to Haridwar quite a few times drawn by the grace of the river Ganges particularly at the hour when dusk sets in and the pilgrims gather at Har-Ki-Pauri to watch the Ganga Aarti and make a beeline to the river bank to float boats made of fresh green banyan leaves with pink and red flower petals inside and a burning diya in the middle.

Night Train from Old Delhi

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There’s one railway journey that I frequently undertook, that is, from Delhi to Dehradun. Mainly to meet the writers hailing from that region. Sometimes I did it twice.