Rusty And I

Rusty and Iis a tangible expression of the highest admiration for the great literary gifts and rare humanism of Ruskin Bond.

At one time, Bond was pilloried and tomahawked by some critics who thought him fit only to be published in weekend supplements, as his style of writing, according to them, was ‘simplistic’.

The book puts together fascinating interviews, perceptive reviews, moving reminiscences, deeply-felt poems, highly readable stories and insightful reportages-all dedicated to Ruskin Bond. His soulful stories, novels and poems have that unique power capable of liberating any soul caught in the throes of modern-day sickness born out of the penchant to run after money and fame. According to Manoj Das, Rusty and I is a decent and distinct tribute to Ruskin Bond, ‘our resident Wordsworth in prose’, that deserves a response at the same wavelength-one of love.

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