A Nocturnal Encounter

Travelling to any place, I often go out exploring it in the dark.

That night, in a secluded spot under a last quarter moon in a town called Bansuri, I found a besuited man in conversation with himself.

Just as I appeared directly in the line of his vision, he fell silent.

Although struck by the strange sight of a lone man uttering and muttering in the hush of night, I felt like an intruder. So I said: “I’m so sorry. It’s not my intention to come in your way. I’m a sightseer.”

“Not at all”, said he. “Usually no one is around at this hour because the place is known as a haunted one. Here I put to test my dialogue writing skills!”

“May I ask you how?”

“By speaking out loud the dialogues to ascertain if they sound just right.”

“You’re a playwright, I suppose?”

“Kind of, yes. But I keep that a secret!”

“Does it help reading the dialogues aloud?”

“Enormously. My ears tell me what to keep and what to chuck out.”

I then requested him to come to my condo, have some coffee, and talk a little more about his stock of art.

He flashed me an enigmatic smile, and then all of a sudden melted into thin air.

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